We ended up just going out for one night this weekend, but it was so much fun! All of the parties got cancelled because of the mumps (ew!!!), but there ended up being some new ones that opened every day. My roommate and I decided to be leopards together. It was such a fun night and I loved dressing up! 

My outfit is linked below!

 I had so much fun taking photos with Sam Lane (@samlanevisuals on Instagram). I love how they turned out. The weather has been super weird lately, but it was the perfect fall day last week, so I brought out my favorite denim jacket and new Madewell sweater. I can't wait to wear this sweater more this season!

My friend and I found this pumpkin patch nearby and decided to take a trip there today. It was so much fun and so adorable! I felt like I was in Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.

It's FINALLY October!! I must say, I think October is possibly my favorite season. October has such an amazing, but nostalgic feeling. I love the change of the leaves, the pumpkin, the colors, the food, and Halloween. I always get nostalgic during October, but this one particularly now that I'm in college. Everything is different than it was last October and the year before. I think about pumpkin picking with my family and getting caramel apples, burning candles, riding outside in the breezy weather with the falling leaves, and driving with my dad out to the barn (we used to stop at McDonald's for apple pies and hot chocolate). I seriously have some amazing memories from October and every time it rolls around I think about them. I also LOVE fall outfits. I can't wait to share some with you all!

Below is a picture of Tucker at the pumpkin stand on River Road in Potomac! It was only a month or so after we'd gotten him. He's so tiny and adorable!!

Above photos via Pinterest.

Fall is also a season that sparks my favorite kind of music vibe. I created a fall playlist filled with Ed Sheeron, Lorde, and some country tunes. Check it out!

My favorite, favorite thing to do is study at coffee shops, so my friend, Emily, and I went to CafĂ© Kubal the other evening! It was a nice change in scenery and it was so fun to sit down and drink coffee while working. I feel like I concentrate better when I'm not just in my room at my desk. This iced lattĂ© was so delicious and their macadamia nut cookies are SO GOOD!! 

If you know me, you know that I need my down time in my bed. I love spending a weekend day in my bed with coffee and Netflix. I don't have classes on Friday, so I woke up, made coffee in my Nespresso (a.k.a. my love!!) and watched MY FAVORITE MOVE, Beauty & The Beast. It's on Netflix which makes me so happy!

It's so nice to be able to relax amid a busy college schedule...

I went home last weekend and it was so much fun! I thought it'd be nice to do a recap of what happened! I flew in on Friday morning and, first thing, I went to Politics & Prose, my favorite spot, for a bagel with salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese. I totally recommend their bagels. So good!

My daddy and I went to a preseason caps game which was so much fun!

My mom and I went to Le Pain Quotidien twice and it was so good! We go there a lot, so it was so nice to be there again.

Then we went to the Georgetown Waterfront to watch my friend Audrey in a crew race.

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