It's FINALLY October!! I must say, I think October is possibly my favorite season. October has such an amazing, but nostalgic feeling. I love the change of the leaves, the pumpkin, the colors, the food, and Halloween. I always get nostalgic during October, but this one particularly now that I'm in college. Everything is different than it was last October and the year before. I think about pumpkin picking with my family and getting caramel apples, burning candles, riding outside in the breezy weather with the falling leaves, and driving with my dad out to the barn (we used to stop at McDonald's for apple pies and hot chocolate). I seriously have some amazing memories from October and every time it rolls around I think about them. I also LOVE fall outfits. I can't wait to share some with you all!

Below is a picture of Tucker at the pumpkin stand on River Road in Potomac! It was only a month or so after we'd gotten him. He's so tiny and adorable!!

Above photos via Pinterest.

Fall is also a season that sparks my favorite kind of music vibe. I created a fall playlist filled with Ed Sheeron, Lorde, and some country tunes. Check it out!



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