I have these prints in my dorm room and LOVE them, so I thought it could be really cool to cover an empty wall with them at my room at my mom's house at home. I LOVE how it turned out, because I can look up and see photos of all of my favorite places and people and pets! It's such a fun addition to my room and the perfect way to add something new to your room.


I was so excited to come home, and my flight was so early, that I'm running on three hours of sleep!!! I had a super nice day, beginning (after landing from my flight) with breakfast with my mom at Le Pain Quotidien. 

I came home to some packages that I'd ordered. I love these sweaters and pants and I'm so psyched to style them this week.

We also went to Patisserie Poupon in Georgetown. If you haven't gone YOU NEED TO! They have the BEST smoked salmon salad and their coffee is insanely good.

I wore a black oversized sweater, a red patent leather bag, and ripped grey jeans.

I was trying SO HARD to hold out on the holiday theme posts until after Thanksgiving, but I went to a darty over the weekend on game day and they played some Mariah Carey Christmas music and it was AMAZING!! I mean HELLO, only 41 days until Christmas and 32 days until I get out for winter break!! I'm planning on starting my gift shopping soon, because last year I finished early and it was the best feeling ever to not have to rush at the end.

Looking at the biggest trends at school and at fashion week this fall and winter, I've compiled a cool shopping guide for the chicest college girl in your life!!!

Velvet is SO in, so I put in two velvet backpacks and a pair of platform velvet sneakers (SO CHIC). Oversized sweaters are ALWAYS a win, and who doesn't love a pair of ripped jeans? I love all of the boots options in this post...who says you can't look cute while still being warm??

Sam (@samlanevisuals on Instagram) and I went down to Armory Square on Saturday morning to take pictures (and shop at Urban of course!!!). These photos turned out so dope! I wore a leather jacket, my new FAVORITE sweater, ripped jeans, and some slide on sneakers.

I am COUNTING down the days until I go home for Thanksgiving break. I can't wait to be back home and for everything to be normal again!! I have been crazy busy lately, but today has been a fun and easy going day. This morning I went out to take photos with Sam again and we stopped in a Urban Outfitters, which was a lot of fun. I came back and had lunch and now I'm at the lounge above the student center studying (well, not right now haha), because it has the most beautiful view. Here's to a quick two weeks, because I CAN'T WAIT to be home!!!

I ordered some winter clothes from Shein and found some AMAZING pieces. I am seriously obsessed with this sweater. I got it yesterday and I wore it to dinner and then all day today. It is so cozy and thick and super adorable. Another piece I ordered was this jacket/blanket/cardigan and I AM IN LOVE! It is basically a blanket with sleeves. Warning: once you put it on you will never want to take it off!!!

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