I was trying SO HARD to hold out on the holiday theme posts until after Thanksgiving, but I went to a darty over the weekend on game day and they played some Mariah Carey Christmas music and it was AMAZING!! I mean HELLO, only 41 days until Christmas and 32 days until I get out for winter break!! I'm planning on starting my gift shopping soon, because last year I finished early and it was the best feeling ever to not have to rush at the end.

Looking at the biggest trends at school and at fashion week this fall and winter, I've compiled a cool shopping guide for the chicest college girl in your life!!!

Velvet is SO in, so I put in two velvet backpacks and a pair of platform velvet sneakers (SO CHIC). Oversized sweaters are ALWAYS a win, and who doesn't love a pair of ripped jeans? I love all of the boots options in this post...who says you can't look cute while still being warm??


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  1. I love everything you picked out! The black backpack looks so chic. I love it!



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