I haven't "redone" my room at my dad's house in FOREVER!! I never fully redid it, but I got a few new things here and there. I decided that it would be the perfect room to makeover for my blog. It's the perfect blank(ish) canvas and I can't wait to see how it looks after I finish.

My dad painted two unicorns on my wall when I was about seven (and as cute as they are), I thought the perfect solution to covering them without getting rid of them, would be removable wallpaper. A lot of places, like Chasing Paper and Spoonflower, make wallpaper that is completely removable if you don't want the hassle of permanent stuff.

I love the hues and pattern of this wallpaper. Blue is the MOST calming and pretty color (I think) for rooms, so this will look really nice.

I'm getting white bedding, probably this set from Target because it's so affordable. I ordered some pillows that bring in a pretty pink color, but also have the same navy color. I love the pillow patterns and think they'll be the perfect addition! (blue euro sham, pink patterned shams, throw pillow with tassels).

Wall art and decor is ALWAYS what makes the room, so I found this download from Etsy for under $7 (and I'll print at Kinkos for probably $1.50), framed by a $17 frame from Target! I love how affordable this print is, but it's so cute and adds the perfect personality to this makeover. My bedside table now is white, so it's absolutely perfect! I'll probably add a gold lamp with a white shade for a nice touch. I can't wait to post pictures when I am finished! Overall, I'll be doing this makeover from under around $250, which is great if you're on a budget!


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